Rashmi’s films have good value in trade


Telugu filmmakers are not leaving even Rashmi’s flop Tamil films as they’re now busy in dubbing them into Telugu. After five long years, Rashmi Gautam’s 2011 Tamil film Kandaen, which received poor to mixed reviews there, is now being released in Telugu. Starring Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj, the romantic caper is dubbed as “Balapam Patti Bhama Odilo” with tagline ‘A Aa E Ee’.

Since the film released five years ago, one can understand when it was filmed and how young, lean Rashmi would be then. Critics had then dubbed the film as an old-schoolish romance and it now needs to be seen how far it’s relevant. If all goes well as per the plan, the film will release on Sep 9.

Considering that Rashmi’s films have good value in trade and her films are drawing crowds irrespective of the talk, producers are after her old films to dub them. Even Rashmi’s Guntur Talkies that got bad talk had done fairly well at the Box Office. And so her last film Antham that managed to get profits for producers, buyers though the film was highly criticised.