The audio launch of ‘Majnu’ on August 26


The film is about the romantic life of an alcoholic assistant director (Nani) and his relationships with 2 women (Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri) while he attempts to write a romantic comedy story.

While the audio of ‘Majnu’ is awaited to be released on August 26, here we bring you a review of ‘Kallumoosi’. Rendered by Suchit Suresan and music-directed by Gopi Sunder, it’s written by Sree Mani.

The sound of Gopi Sunder is back.  After a soothing album like ‘Oopiri’, he is in the reckoning for good.  The lyrics of ‘Kallumoosi’ meet their musical equivalent here.  Although the temperament of ‘Seethamalakshmi’ from ‘Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu’ is evident, the song has an identity of its own.  The nuances are enjoyable.

Srimani’s lyrics mirror the admiration of the lover boy in good proportion.  Lines like ‘Entha mounam olikesaave, antha telisave’ (‘The more you betray silence, the more you reveal yourself’) and ‘Dorikindile, nee donga navvuku ardhamemito’ (‘I just discovered the meaning of your clandestine smile’) take the cake.

Suchi Suresan’s excellent rendition reminds one of Nani’s previous tryst with Gopi Sunder: ‘Mottamodatisari’ rendered by Sachin Warrier.