Music Director has once again changed his name


Kalyan KoduriĀ Aka Kalyani Malik is an Indian film music director and playback singer in Telugu cinema. Since achieving recognition through Chandra Sekhar Yeleti‘s film Aithe, Kalyan has provided musical scores for many other films. His most recent works are composing for Oohalu Gusagusalade and sound supervisor for Baahubali: The Beginning.

Renowned music director MM Keeravani’s younger brother and noted Telugu music director Kalyan Malik has once again changed his name.

Kalyan Malik’s original name was Kalyan Koduri. Few years ago, he changed his name to Kalyan Malik for the reasons best known to him. Now, he has surprised everyone by once again opting for a name change. His new name is Sree Kalyan Ramana. This name change act has come to the fore after the theatrical trailer of ‘Jyo Acuthananda’ was released.

In the trailer, the film’s music director’s name was credited as Sree Kalyan Ramana. No one is sure why he is opting for frequent name change but it will be difficult to register in the minds of movie lovers with this act. It is heard that he is an avid believer in astrology so that might be the reason for changing his name.

His recent best work was as the sound supervisor for ‘Baahubali’. released.