There are no buyers for Trisha’s movie

No one is ready to watch trish’s glamour,During her recent appearance in NAC launch, she was trolled by social media for appearing in a ‘Village Style’ saree.

The actress is running out of steam and she is struggling to bounce back. Right now, she just has ‘Mohini’ under her belt. Her last release ‘Nayaki’ failed so bad at Box-Office. The movie was a colossal disaster. Now due to the flop, there are no buyers for the movie in Tamil version.

As per reports, distributors are asking the money for a low price and the makers are shell-shocked. Trisha is also shocked due to this. It has been more than a month since the movie got released in Telugu and if it takes few more days, the original bluray would be available in Telugu version.

So it is just a open source for piracy later on. A trade source said, “None of them are interested in Trisha anymore. She must act either in content based movies or commercial movies. Else things are gonna get so tough in future.” Tamil distributors tried promoting the movie with glamour photos of Trisha and still there is none of them interested !