The only reason tamannaah is in the film is to show off her belly


Ranveer Ching Returns, a much-talked about project by Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty, is finally out. The promos and trailer had created a lot of buzz and fans have been eagerly awaiting for the film’s release.

we finally watched the complete spoof of ‘Ranveer Ching’ returns. This movie is made to promote things and we expect some solid stuff. This is basically a five minute advertisement.

And after watching this, we were like, “Eh! What the hell was that? Was it funny or were they really serious about the stuff?” We don’t know what reason it is, the ad takes place in Post-apocalyptic world and scarcity of food is there.

The ad was badly inspired from Mad-Max and the villains take control of food. Enter Ranveer Singh and he dressed in a weird fashion. His only duty was to kick villains butt. Tamannaah is the female lead and the only reason she is in the film is to show off her belly. And in fact that is true too..!