Nara Rohith, has not gone any slim these days

Nara Rohit is a Tollywood actor. He is the owner of Aran Media Works,His major movies as a lead actor are, Baanam, Solo,Prathinidhi, Rowdy Fellow and Asura, He is the nephew of Andhra Pradesh CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu and son of Nara Ramurthy Naidu.
He made his acting debut with Baanam directed by debutant Chaitanya Dantuluri  which was released on 16 September 2009. The film was critically acclaimed. He got moderate success with his second film Solo which was released on 25 November 2011 and directed by Parasuram. In 2012 he did a special role in Ravi Teja’s Sarocharu.
In 2013 he worked with director Srinivas Raga for Okkadine co-starring Nithya Menon. The film was not successful at the box office. He was the narrator for the film Swamy Ra Ra starring Nikhil Siddharth and Swati Reddy.

Time and again, Nara Rohith appeared in his usual look in the latest Jyo Achyutananda teaser. Looks like Nara Rohith never happens to hear these ‘chubby’ comments which usually pop up for his every film, or he just ignores all these with a deaf ear?

While Regina and Naga Shourya looked fit as always, Nara Rohith once again looked puffy and inflated, much more than that in his previous films. Choosing a different and unique subjects does not alone help an actor, but execution, looks and acting play the vital part for every film to succeed.

Nara Rohith, has not gone any slim these days, leave alone his six pack trails like he revealed of them three films earlier. NTR and Manchu Vishnu lost their weight to expand their arena and to be open for all kinds of roles. Hope Rohith reads a line from their books and understands that not just body language, but a body shape too helps in blending in a role given.

Rohith has an advantage of picking up fresh and intriguing lines for his films and he has improved his acting a lot. Though his films are not monotonous, it is time that his looks definitely are.