Babu Bangaram Average first half


Babu Bangaram turns out to be a tedious watch after a point and it couldn’t redeem itself despite the desperate attempts to create fun. One will wonder how Venkatesh has okayed such a half baked script. He might have simply believed in Maruthi’s capabilities of churning out blockbuster entertainers. But he has let Venkatesh and everybody down with Babu Bangaram. This film could disappoint you even if you go with low expectations. You may safely skip it.

Weak track written for villains made it even worse. We expect things to get better after the interval, but Maruthi has had other plans. He banked on comedy scenes of Posani and Brahmanandam that didn’t click at all. Venkatesh’s sympathetic characterization also didn’t work due to badly conceived scenes. Maruthi tried to give the film an emotional touch through Nayanathara’s character. Even that didn’t work out as Maruthi is totally out of form –

Venkatesh has played double roles — Jamindar Rayalu and his grandson ACP Krishna in “Babu Bangaram” and has done justice to both. He impresses everyone with his comedy and action and his performance is the highlight of the film. Nayanthara has done justice to her role and her chemistry with Venky is one of the highlights. Sampath Raj, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore and Prudhviraj are also the assets of the movie, say the viewers.

S Naga Vamshi and PDV Prasad produced by “Babu Bangaram” under the banner Sitara Entertainment and they have ensured good production values for it. Ghibran’s songs and background score, Richard Prasad’s beautiful picturisation, brilliant choreography of action scenes are the big attractions on the technical front.