Amala Paul have never climed for alimony


Actress Amala Paul and her husband-director AL Vijay appeared before principal family court judge Maria Clete in Chennai yesterday and filed a petition for divorce by mutual consent under Section 13(b) of the Hindu Marriage Act.

It is learnt that the actress and her husband had filed for divorce in a family court in Chennai on Saturday. They filed a petition asking for divorce with mutual consent. So, after the stipulated period of six months, the couple will be legally divorced. They are already living separately.

They came to court in separate cars. Amala’s family as well as Vijay’s parents was also present at the court. Saturday marks the beginning of the mandatory six-month statutory judicial separation period for the couple, at the end of which a divorce by mutual consent will be given. The case was adjourned to February 11, 2017 for further proceedings.

The couple has made it clear that there is no demand for maintenance or permanent alimony from either side. Usually, wives or husbands of celebrities seek alimony when accept for divorce. Interestingly, Amala Paul isn’t demanding anything from Vijay.

In an industry like Film Industry where demanding alimony when a couple heads for divorce is very common, one actress seems not so interesting in demanding alimony. She is actress Amala Paul, director AL Vijay’s wife.
The duo are maintaining stance silence regarding their divorce. Amala Paul didn’t say anything in public about her divorce but Vijay came in defence of his father when reports started making rounds about his father comments on Amala.