The clash between Nagarjuna and Samantha is just getting bigger each day


Samantha Ruth Prabhu is an Indian actress and model. She has established a career in the Telugu and Tamilfilm industries, and is a recipient of three Filmfare Awards.

Even though it is obvious that, Samantha is in a relationship with Nagachaitanya, she never revealed it as Nagarjuna is completely upset with Samantha.

Initially Nagarjuna pushed Samantha to a limit by asking her to quit industry and return pay checks. She did everything and even then she got muted response in return. Nagarjuna was completely upset with Samantha’s skin show in movies and he felt that might spoil Akkineni family reputation.

Samantha who was numb so far, has started to pay back against Nagarjuna. She got intimate with Nagachaitanya during their recent abroad tour. She also wore some sexy outfit and intentionally posted it on social media.

When Rakul Preet, Regina wore decent outfits, Samantha alone wore some revealing clothes. More than that, she also tweeted, ‘Lack of clothes’ as her favourite. Let’s see where this cold war is heading to. Till then, fingers crossed !