Srirastu Subhamastu decent Family entertainment


Srirastu Subhamastu might be getting mixed to positive reviews, yet all the critics have unanimously lapping up one actor from the film. It’s none other than Lavanya Tripati. The film’s lead actress Lavanya is hogging all the limelight. Lavanya as a simple girl-next-door Ananya has shown up an impressive performance and her bonding with her on-screen father Rao Ramesh has worked out well.

The trailers of Srirastu Subhamastu have impressed everyone all over. This film which has released all over today is quite crucial for Allu Sirish’s career. Let’s see whether this young mega hero impresses us and gets his much needed hit or not.

Sirish(Allu Sirish) belongs to a well to do family which is headed by Prakash Raj. Things in his family get disturbed when Srirish’s brother loves and marries a middle class girl against his father’s will.

In this crunch situation, Sirish falls in love with a yet another middle class girl called Anu(Lavanya) and reveals about this to his father. An upset Prakash Raj, gives him a piece of his advice and asks him to back off from the relationship.

An adamant Sirish, challenges his father that he will win his love by not using his family name. In this process, he woos Anu and right when the time things start getting positive, Anu’s father(Rao Ramesh) arranges her marriage with some one else.

Rest of the story is as to how Sirish manages to convince both Anu’s parents and his and finally comes out victorious.

Srirastu Subhamstu will surely be the much needed hit that Allu Sirish is looking for in his career. If he chooses interesting scripts like these, he will go a long way in Tollywood. Good performances, entertaining comedy and moving family emotions through out the film are basic assets. If you go in with an open mind and ignore the predictability of the script, this film will not disappoint you at all. A simple and breezy watch