Prudhvi apologies I’ll Never Joke About Balayya


Balayya spoof in Jakkanna movie did not go well with Balakrishna fans. We have already reported that. The 30 years industry actor has become a spoof specialist of late and took Balayya as inspiration to generate some comic relief in Jakkanna. But it backfired and in no time Prudhvi came up with apologies.

However, Prudhvi’s usual satirical and spoofs filled comedy has now backfired on the actor and he had to bow down to the pressure from Balayya fans. Recently, Prudhvi essayed a hilarious role as Katakatala Kattappa in Jakkanna, In the film, Prudhvi’s character uttered a few dialogues which are mere spoofs of Balakrishna that went overdosed. This naturally angered Balayya fans who took to social media to attack Prudhvi.

Unable to withstand the fans’ anger, Prudhvi finally tendered an apology to Balayya fans and vowed to never spoof Balayya in his films from now on. Prudhvi said that he has been a huge Balayya fan since his younger days and that he never meant to disrespect him in the name of comedy.

He posted a video on social media saying this won’t be repeated henceforth. The actor said that he loves Balakrishna and thought it is great even he did 1% of Balayya does. He admittedly apologized fans if they are hurt with his act. He said that he has good friendship with the senior hero and that it is his responsibility to see it.