Malayalam star Mohanlal learn Telugu and did dubbing on his own


Mohanlal is doing two back to back Telugu films this year and he had already completed one film named Manamantha, directed by Chnadrashekahr Yeleti, who is a national award winning film’s director. In that film, Mohanlal had played a store keeper and Gauthami playing his wife in it. His second Telugu film this year had started shooting at Hydearbad and it is titled as Janatha Garage, directed by Koratala Siva and which will have Telugu superstar Jr. Ntr as well in the lead role.

Malayalam and Telugu are two different languages totally and hardly have any similarities. Not with standing the difficulty, Malayalam star Mohanlal managed to learn Telugu and did dubbing on his own for forthcoming Telugu movie Manamantha. Apparently, Mohanlal undergone training in Telugu for just 1 week and mastered the language and dubbed for the film. Mohanlal learnt the language for 68 hours in a period of 1 week.This is not all. During dubbing of Manamantha Mohanlal felt nostalgic and instantly connected to the film. He said that Manamantha’s story is close to his heart and made him recall his early days. He said that during dubbing, he looked back into his life for a while.The film directed by award-winning director Chandrasekhar Yeleti would be released on Aug 5 in Telugu, Tamil (titled as Nammadu in Tamil) and Malayalam (Vismayam in Malayalam) simultaneously.