Krishna Vamsi not taken a single penny from Ramya Krishna till date


Ramya Krishnan is married to director Krishna Vamsi since 12th June 2003. The couple gave birth to a son named Ritwik.

Hailed as a ‘creative director’, Krishna Vamsi is also known for his infamous  lethargic style of filmmaking. The director completed two decades of his Tollywood journey this year. That Krishna Vamsi has only made 20 films in 20 years shows his laid back style.

In his latest interview to a leading Telugu news paper, Krishna Vamsi revealed several of his personal and professional aspects in his usual straightforward style, including his love story and married life with actress Ramya Krishna also saying that his love story with Ramya Krishna is “not for sale” as he wants to keep certain matters private.

When asked if the occasional rumours about Ramya Krishna planning to apply for divorce are true, Krishna Vamsi said that he and Ramya Krishna joke and laugh about such rumours, indirectly hinting that they both are still very much in love.

When asked if he wasted Ramya Krishna’s money on Sri Anjaneyam movie, Krishna Vamsi said that he has not taken a single penny from Ramya Krishna till date and that he will die the day he takes her money.

Krishna Vamsi said that he is not answerable to every Tom, Dick and Harry if they ask him whether he goes to the shooting sets without even a script.

Krishna Vamsi, who is shooting Nakshatram currently, says that he doesn’t think about his rise or fall as a director when he works with a top star like Ram Charan and an upcoming hero long Sundeep Kishan.