Upasana is taking care of Ram Charan’s professional life


As reported recently, Upasana is taking care of everything about her hubby Ram Charan’s professional life. She has hired a battalion of managers for Charan to look his affairs and bring in some endorsements.

So far he is not in the business of brand endorsements. But his wife is planning to bring in some big national level corporate brands for him so that the visibility factor on national channels will be higher. Upasana wants her hubby to be popular on national radar.

According to sources, she is in particular of him doing more Bollywood movies in future. On her advice, Ram Charan did the remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s classic “Zanjeer” but the film turned out to be a disaster. Since then he has been staying away from Hindi movies. But Upasana wants him to do Bollywood films in future.

She has also brought in a big Bollywood PR agency for this reason. These days, Ram Charan is aggressively promoting himself on Facebook like Bollywood stars do regularly. All this is part of her big plans for her hubby dear.

But his fans want him to focus on his career in Tollywood as he is struggling to deliver a massive hit. Ram Charan’s recent movies tanked at the box-office and he is now lagging behind.